Uranus Prototype Watch

This is one of the earliest LED watches in existence. It is
one of the very earliest "wearable" wrist watches made by Uranus (approx.
1971) and one of only a few made (hugely expensive to build). It actually
predates the Pulsar and launched Uranus into a patent fight with Hamilton
(Uranus lost). The thing that makes this watch unique is that it does not
use an LSI (large scale integrated chip) but instead is made up of discreet
logic and driver chips using hundreds of wirebonds to connect them up. It
is truly a packaging marvel. The display is only hours and minutes. The
face is divided in half horizontally with the LED in the upper half, the
lower half being composed of solar cells in a fan pattern to supplement the
battery, all in a gold filled case.

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Uranus 1971-ish prototype watch



Photos courtesy Frank Filangeri

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