Andrew Grima Designed LED Watch (4)

This particular Model was also made by Andrew Grima in the mid seventies and again uses a standard (Pulsar) time computer electronics. What makes this watch particularly interesting is it is the Heaviest! Solid gold LED watch in the world.. weighing some 5.5 grams more than the heaviest Pulsar model (the 1822 calculator) A comparison chart done by Bruce Wegmann on (all 18kt) models, follows:

Model (18kt) Alloy weight,Grams Gold weight,
Pulsar Executive94.270.7
Pulsar Date Command107.980.9
Omega TC 1116.787.5
Pulsar P1 Limited Edition122.491.8
Pulsar Euro Calculator 148.2 111.1
Pulsar 1822-2 Calculator 149.9 112.4
GRIMA in white 18K 153.6 115.2

This watch is 18 kt solid white gold.


Photos courtesy The reference section of">Simon Alexander