Andrew Grima Designed LED Watch (3)

Bruce Wegmann and Simon Alexander had uncovered these beautiful and interesting designs by jewelry designer Andrew Grima.  Here is a group shot courtesy of Bruce. 

Bruce also notes, "I believe this opens up a new and rather interesting page of Pulsar history, as there was no previously known connection between Time Computer and Grima [all his LED creations use TC modules]. Some of Grima's original design drawings still exist. Based on the types of modules [104 and 801], it is inferred that these were done sometime from mid-1975 to late 1976 [one of Grima's hallmarks may be a date code, but I don't as yet have the reference data to properly interpret it]. All came from a single source [jeweler's estate in the Middle East], that also produced a remarkable number of solid gold Pulsars, including three models that were not previously known to exist in 18K [Ladies' Oval and Cushion, and Executive], and the second known 18K Euro Calculator [pics of this also available, if you wish]. It is little less than miraculous that these [and the 18K Pulsars] escaped the frenzied melting of gold jewelery in 1979 and 1980 [when gold topped $830 an ounce], and created the scarcity of all solid gold LEDs [including the fabled P1]. While the crucibles overflowed with melting heirlooms, these lay in the cool, quiet darkness of a private vault, stored away and apparently forgotten for nearly thirty years, and only finally came to light barely two years ago, during the inventorying of the estate."

Photo courtesy Bruce Wegmann