Andrew Grima Designed LED Watch

In the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s, Andrew Grima was commissioned by various members of the British and Scandinavian Royal family including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, to make various items of jewelry.

Mr. Grima’s work is very highly sought after and collectors pay many thousands of pounds for his rare and beautiful pieces.. During the 70’s his work was sold in an exclusive gallery in Knightsbridge (LONDON) and would range form many thousands to a million pounds plus !

Today, Mr. Grima has retired and by all accounts, is somewhat of a shy recluse in Switzerland. The two Watches below are part of a collection of five, made in solid 18kt gold… Hallmarked and stamped with the Grima crest. The watches use (Pulsar) Time computer modules and I can only estimate their date to be 1975-1976. Having spoken to various Grima “specialists” None of these people were aware Andrew Grima made LED watches and their conclusion is that this must have been a very special commission by someone paying an huge amount of money in the 1970 ‘s for him to do so.

Updated information from Simon:  Time Computer (Pulsar) wanted the best jeweller in the world to create a set of watches that would stun everyone who saw them.... To do this, they went to the best ... Andrew Grima... Holding the British Royal warrant, this is another of Mr Grima's work of art.. Only one of each example was ever made !

Special thanks to Francesca Grima for the help in the research of these beautiful watches....

Thanks to Simon Alexander and Bruce Wegmann for their sharing of this information and the photos of their watches.

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Andrew Grima LED Watch Design

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