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Q. I have a Pulsar LED watch that uses #355 size batteries.  These are larger than the standard #357 size batteries. Where can I find them?

A. Generally, 355s are no longer made.  A few sellers might still have them - often from old stock. However, you can make a "spacer" to fit around your 357 size batteries that will fit into the battery space in your Pulsar.  First you would purchase some plastic tubing from a local hardware store.  Bring a used 357 battery and find tubing that has a similar inside diameter to the battery (so the battery fits in the tube). Generally the tubing thickness isn't too great and the tubing should fit the battery space in your Pulsar.  Slice a thin piece of the tube and insert the battery and tube into the space.  Due to its smaller size, the 357 battery will not last as long as an original 355.

Q. How can I set the time/date/functions of my watch?

A. Most non-Pulsar watches are very similar. There often is a setting button that you press to set your watch into the setting mode. I have posted several PDF instruction sheets on a few common modules.  You might try these.  If your watch is similar but not exactly the same, see if you can figure it out from the instructions for the other watches.  Beyond that, I can't really help with specific watches.   

Q. My watch has a press-fit case back. How do I open the back of my watch?

A. Sometimes there is a small notch or indentation in the case to allow you to get under the back. (Sometimes there is not.) Use a very thin "blade" or piece of metal that will allow you to get under the case back.  Don't use an X-Acto type blade that might shatter when pressure is applied. A better solution is to buy a case back remover from a store that has watch repair tools.  (About $5 to 10 if you're lucky.)  Check for auctions if you can't find anyone local.  Be careful in using any metal not designed for this repair (like a filed down screwdriver).  They might leave dents or gouges in the soft metal of the case back.

Q. My watch has a case back that looks like it screws off. How do I open the back of my watch?

A. There is a special tool to do this. The tool has two "blades" that contact the two sides of the back. Rotating the tool will unscrew the back.

Q. After I open the case back, I see blue or white crystals or corrosion around the battery compartment of the module.

A.  Before you clean the watch, ground your body.  You can do this by touching a metal device or tool that is connected to a power line. (CAUTION: You are not touching the electricity itself, just a metal part of the device -- a device connected to your power line.)  Remove the batteries if you haven't already.  Dispose of them safely. Then use a small fiberglass/nylon "scratch" brush (available at many car part or watch supply stores) to brush the crystals and corrosion off of the module and metal contacts. (Do this only in the battery contact area - do not perform this on the front of the module where the display or wire bonds are.) Clean any remaining corrosion off of the battery contacts themselves.  You can also use a pencil eraser to fine-clean the contact. If you see liquid drops, use a cotton swab (Q-tip) to dry it up.  You might include a little baking soda to neutralize the acid in the liquid.

If you see corrosion around some of the components and wire bonds, I can't help with recommendations since this requires more experienced help.

Q. Where can I buy an LED watch? (Or sell?)

A. There are several patrons of this site.  Click here to go to the patron page to see their links all on one page..  Also, buying at auction on ebay is a good recommendation. You can also on my link page for other watch sellers. You might check the following:

Q. Where can I get more help?

A. The LED watch world is full of people will to share what they've learned.  Here are a couple of kind people who are sharing their experiences:

  •  Crazy Watches -- Piotr Samulik's new site with his collection, articles, and interesting information. Repairs.(Europe)

  • - Ed Cantarella's site with sales and repairs.(USA)


I am starting to build this section up for the benefit of newer collectors and others who are trying to work with their watches.  Please email me with your questions.  If you want to share your experience by sending me possible questions & answers, I'm happy to have the help. Thanks!  Ed